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​Dr. Cheryl is an expert in human dynamics, behavioral science and cognitive thinking skills. Before starting Family In Distress, Inc. she worked as a leader in Humana Health Care, Marriott Biscayne Bay, and most currently with Carefree Insurance Services, a partner for Coventry/Aetna Healthcare. Cheryl holds a Bachelor in Communication, Mass Media; a Masters in Situational Leadership; and is a 2015 EDD Doctorate graduate in Organizational Leadership, with a minor in Conflict Resolution. With her Masters in Situational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, she is equipped in mediation, negotiation, conflict analysis, and management. She is a certified community volunteer with the Neighborhood Accountability Board (NAB) after school program and or in the Restorative Justice Academy at Brownsville Middle School by Solid Rock enterprise, Inc. Cheryl has is widely respected in her field as an author of “There Will Always Be Another Day,” and she has been a key speaker to the Center for Aging, many women conferences and at several other events. She is an ambitious individual as well as a trend setter, who recently participated in the Macy’s fashion show, as a model. Cheryl also is a Guardian ad Litem; a notary, and Member of Lambda Pi Eta, National Communication Association Honor Society, a licensed insurance broker and a Certified Educational Consultant / National Trainer with the Center for Teacher Effectiveness. 


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Alan is a Leadership, Success and Mental Toughness Expert, a Classroom Management Trainer, a licensed Life Insurance Agent and Broker, an ordained, licensed Minister of the Gospel and has a Master of Divinity Degree. He has founded and pastored three churches and works to make a difference in communities around the world. He is a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Sales Trainer, a successful business owner, a Certified Educational Consultant / National Trainer with the Center for Teacher Effectiveness and a leader that has devoted his life to inspiring, empowering and equipping business leaders, entrepreneurs, employees and individuals for personal and business and academic success. When you bring Alan in to coach or speak at your next training, workshop, assembly, conference or convention, he will positively impact the direction of your life and organization, and will become a resource you will want to work with again and again. Alan is also a Volunteer Assistant Director of the Miami Northwest Express Track Club and is the son of coaching legend - Jesse Holt. Alan is a consultant to several professional athletes (including 2008 Olympic Hurdlers: Bershawn "Batman" Jackson and Tiffany Ross-Williams) and his organization serves

hundreds of inner-city youth each year. 

Dr. Cheryl White - Holt is the CEO of Conflict Coaches ( and Family In Distress ( She serves her community by providing leadership, education and supportive services to the underserved. Her programs create new opportunities for change in the lives of her participants. She has over twenty five years of extensive management experience and her abilities include streamlining and implementing operational efficiencies; providing strategic and operational leadership; analyzing and identifying problems, and instituting practical solutions resulting in greater effectiveness, productivity, and cost saving benefits. Cheryl has coached and empowered leaders, executives and associates and she has successful designed innovative coaching programs to help them achieve success. Cheryl is particularly skilled in education, classroom management, sales, marketing and customer relations, and has leveraged her experiences in helping others to go for their dreams and achieve their purpose. 

Alan Holt has traveled and spoken around the world and is the creator of several personal development success programs and systems. He is the President and Founder of several community service based organizations and businesses and has been featured on television, radio, books, newspapers and magazines as a trainer, coach, motivational speaker and leader for developing models that produces economic development, empowerment and change. Alan Holt is a graduate and Hall of Fame Member of North Miami Senior High School, a graduate and former quarterback at the University of Minnesota and he has over twenty five years

of experience coaching, consulting and mentoring leaders from every segment of society including Professional, Olympic and Amateur Athletes and Coaches, Business Leaders, Politicians, Lawyers, Educators, Doctors, Spiritual Leaders, Sales Professionals, Public Speakers, Customer Service Professionals, Social Service Professionals and people from every walk of life that simply want to achieve more.

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