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In Six Hours You Can Eliminate Stress In Your Classroom! 
(This program is great for schools, teachers and executive administrators)

As a Certified National Trainer with the Center of Teacher Effectiveness, I provide full day training sessions that offers practical instruction and support to educators and teachers around the world that are proven to:

*Improve Student Behavior * Increase Student Achievement * Earn Parent Support

And as a result of our training:

* Your standardized scores will finally reflect the ability of your students * Your teachers will increase student on-task time by 5, 10, 15 or even 20 hours or more each week (truly focused on instruction)! * Your teachers will report a decrease in discipline challenges by a much as 70% or more! * Empower your teachers to elegantly handle - minor to severe - challenging student behavior in the classroom.  Educators who use these strategies will gain more instruction time because their students are on-task. * Learn the solution to effective classroom management so that your teachers have more Time To Teach! Your Teachers and Students deserve it!

​The Curriculum used in this training is "Time to Teach! The Source for Classroom Management! Better Teaching, Brighter Futures"

The Holt speaking team is powerful! They command the room and breathe belief and confidence into the entire audience.  They are easy to work with and a valued resource we will use time and time again! They are well worth the investment and have proven to produce consistent results for us. Thanks for working with my school!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~ R. Geyen, Principal 

Wow! This message was exactly what our teachers needed to hear. Your presentation was inspirational, impactful and a great reminder of how special our teachers are. I am thankful that you came to my school to speak with our teachers! 

                                                                                                                                                         ~ O. Awofadeju, Principal South Broward High School

Let's Talk Bullying - The Battle For Survival
(This program is great for students and adults of all ages)

Who deserves to be bullied? Bullying knows no boundaries and can have a domino effect in the lives of children and adults.  For Instance, adults are bullied at work, children are bullied at home, individuals are cyber bullied, and children bully others at school. Thus creating the "Cry - Bully,"  a hideous hybrid of victim and victor.  

Our Keynote addresses these issues, provides solutions to disarm bullies, and offers strategies to help manage stress and resolve conflicts on the highest levels.  

We live in a time where diversity should be acceptable, irregardless of gender, race or ethnicity, whether you're short, tall, overweight, underweight, gay, straight, transgender, or have special needs... we are all created for a purpose. 


Mr. Holt and Dr. Cheryl taught us techniques and skills that we could use right away. As a result of their speech, I feel more confident and better equipped to lead my classroom. I truly enjoyed their presentation.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      ~ J. Dennis, Elementary School Teacher 

Our Keynotes provide real solutions for real problems; they increase personal performance, and they provide strategies and opportunities for you to experience growth,

transformation and change!

(This program is great for teachers and executive administrators)

Do you know or ever wonder what it takes to be recognized as Teacher, Principal or School Administrator of the Year? Or how you can motivate and and inspire exceptional performance in your teachers and students? Or how you can effectively reach your parents to gain their partnership?  In this keynote, Alan will show you how a mindset shift and a spirit of excellence can increase the productivity of each teacher in your school, and he will demonstrate how your teachers can bring education, imagination, transformation and stability into the lives of each student, classroom and home in your community.  Alan believes the opportunity for your teachers to influence a generation has never been greater and he show them how they can identify and unlock potential in children that others cannot see.  If you are an administrator and you truly care about the success of your school, teachers, students and community, this is a keynote you definitely need to experience!

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