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​​Our Keynotes and Training Programs are uplifting, engaging and filled with high content. All of our programs are designed to help you build your confidence, improve performance, resolve conflict, increase productivity, build self-esteem, overcome limiting mindsets and beliefs, breakthrough barriers while achieving your goals! 

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           Sam Richter

Business Owner, Author

Alan is one of my favorites. He comes from a great family and he continues to use his passion and talents to move people towards great achievements.  He is an engaging, gifted speaker and a world class performer. I am inspired every time I hear him speak!

                     ~ P. Lester, CSK Legal

I have seen Alan Holt speak publicly on three occasions and each time he was the

best speaker on the program.  His Programs are filled with strategies, content and 

solutions. He is a great resource for educators, someone I highly recommend.  


               ~ Dr. Reginald Johnson

                  Miami-Dade County Public Schools

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Alan Holt was my quarterback at the University of Minnesota in the 80's and he's an exceptional leader and person. ​If you're looking for a great speaker to influence your company or team, he is the man for the job! He inspires, motivates and  builds confidence in everyone he leads and his presentations create 

lasting memories.  

                 ~ Lou Holtz National Championship Coach

           Paul Jones

Business Owner, Author

           ​       Alan Holt

Leadership, Success, Mental Toughess Expert


Alan Holt is simply the best.  His programs build confidence in the lives of his participants and his commitment to excellence is contagious.  He has positively affected the culture and climate in our workplace and we’ve seen an increase in sales,

service and performance as a direct result of Alan’s coaching and consulting.  

                           ~ J.B Hood Wyndham Worldwide

     Professional Educators

Principals / Teacher Reviews

      Bershawn Batman Jackson

Olympic Medalist, World Champion

Alan Holt International

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Leadership, Success, Motivational Speaker

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Alan Holt International provides keynotes, workshops, and training experiences designed to make an immediate impact. Our Programs encourage Personal Excellence for Professional Advancement, the Blueprint for Leadership and Success, Team Building, and Growth Strategies for the Executive Leader. If you are seeking to reach your potential as a leader, or you desire to get more out of your team or staff, you have found the right resource! 

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           Dr. Cheryl White-Holt

Organizational Leadership, Conflict Resolution Expert

Alan is the best at what he does...

I love hearing him speak! If you're

in need of someone with a winning

philosophy, that can teach any and 

every age group.  Alan Holt can get

​it done!

~ Bershawn Jackson, Olympic Medalist