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Alan Holt is an exceptional leader. ​If you're looking for a great speaker to influence your company or team, he is the right man for the job! Alan inspires, motivates and builds confidence in everyone he touches and his presentations create lasting memories.  

                                ~ Lou Holtz 

National Championship Coach

Alan is Extraordinary! Empowering and Impactful both on and off the stage!  When he speaks, people listen! 

               ~ Paul Jones Marketing Group

           Paul Jones

Business Owner, Author

           ​       Alan Holt

Leadership, Confidence, Mental Toughess Expert


When you have an event and you're looking for a speaker to impact your team ...

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Alan Holt is simply the best.  His programs build confidence in the lives

of his participants and his commitment to excellence is contagious.  He has positively affected the culture and climate in our workplace and we’ve

seen an increase in sales, service and performance as a direct result of Alan’s coaching and consulting.                                                                         ~ J.B Hood

                              Wyndham Worldwide

     Professional Educators

Principals / Teacher Reviews

      Bershawn Batman Jackson

Olympic Medalist, World Champion

 Holt International

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           Sam Richter

Business Owner, Author

Alan is one of my favorites. He is an engaging and gifted speaker, and a world class performer. He delivers every time we need him!

                     ~ P. Lester, CSK Legal

Alan is the best at what he does...

I love hearing him speak!

~ Bershawn Jackson, Olympic Medalist

I have seen Alan Holt speak publicly on three occasions and each time he was the best speaker on the program.  His Programs are filled with strategies, content and solutions. 
                   ~ Dr. Reginald Johnson

 Miami-Dade County Public Schools

           Dr. Cheryl White-Holt

Organizational Leadership, Conflict Resolution Expert

Keynote Speakers, Consultants, Coaches

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​​Our Keynotes and Training Programs are uplifting, engaging and filled with high content. All of our programs are designed to help you build confidence, improve performance, resolve conflict, increase productivity, build self-esteem, overcome limiting mindsets and beliefs, breakthrough barriers, set and achieve your goals, reinvent 

yourself, explode your business and skyrocket your results! When you need a consultant or a speaker....   

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